My name is Arabella Breck and I'm a queer journalist living and working in Chicago. Since I made the trek from the Sonoran Desert to the Windy City, I've studied journalism in an academic setting, while working alongside and learning from some of the best folks working in media today.  

All of my experiences in media have deepened my love for my craft, but also opened my eyes to pressing issues that journalists must address. These experiences drove me to focus on how public service, engagement and collaboration make my work and the work of all journalists better. 

I’ve worked for news, nonprofit and academic institutions including South Side Weekly, Northwestern UniversityProPublica, City Bureau, Ad AgeWBEZ/Chicago Public Media, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, The Columbia Chronicle and Lifeline Humanitarian

I also have experience as a freelance print reporter, audio producer, photographer, research assistant and illustrator.

Moving forward with my career, I want to explore the ways that journalism in all mediums and areas can change to become accessible, equitable and understandable. 

Want to work together on a project? Chat about the future of media? Share good vegan recipes? Drop me a line on my "Say hi!" page.